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Take Advantage of Digital Media to Drive Giving, Membership, and Enrollment

Grow Your Revenue with Beth Hammock Guiding Your Marketing & PR

Marketing,PR,video production,brand, Home, Hammock Communications

When you call Hammock Communications, you reach Beth Hammock, founder and CEO. She develops and executes winning brand marketing strategies and creates content that connects with your donors, students, and families. Trust her. She’s been doing this for 35 years.

Expect more and better leads, prospects who know your name, and most importantly, more money for your mission.

Improve Your ROI with a Marketing and PR Inspection

We look under the hood to see what needs fixing
  1. Website: Do prospective donors and families find what they are looking for easily? Do they find you at all?
  2. Advertising: Maximize your return on investment!
  3. Branding: Logo, pictures and stories need to be consistent with your image.
  4. Online directories: Be found online with directory listings.
  5. Community involvement: Strong organizations give back.
Marketing,PR,video production,brand, Home, Hammock Communications

Get an Inspection for Half Price

Prices range from $250 for nonprofits with fewer than 25 employees to $1,000 for organizations with 50 to 100 employees. If you serve a larger nonprofit or educational institutions we will provide you with a custom quote.

Yes! We want a Marketing & PR Inspection.

Business Video Gets Results

We’re excited about the increasing use and success of business video. This may be a great addition to your mix if your marketing results are stalled. For example, you have a robust email marketing process but open rates are low; your Google ads don’t convert; and you worry about your customers’ loyalty. Your stress is compounded by

  1. limited budget and resources
  2. lack of time to personally tell your story to every customer and prospect
  3. a small marketing team made up of generalists (or maybe you are the CEO AND the chief marketing officer)
  4. your sales team seems to spend too much time on marketing
  5. the number of competitors grows every day and you feel like your message is lost in the crowd. 

There is a solution! Add business video by Hammock Communications to your mix and see remarkable results. We create stories that convert, get emails opened, and strengthen relationships with customers. Check out some of Beth’s productions below.

Get Ready to See the Difference!

Beth uses shooting and editing techniques that make a big difference in the way viewers experience your videos – you will see sequences, more people, and more closeups in our videos. Hammock Communications’ videographers use state-of-the-art equipment and our editors are pros at motion graphics and design.

Beth has decades of experience setting up video stories. After reporting and producing at four TV stations, she went into media relations. She flourished in media relations because she set up reporters’ stories when they covered her organization. She does the same thing for Hammock Communications customers – arranging interviews and locations and simplifying setup. She also continues to pitch stories, manage crisis communications, and serve as a spokesperson.

You may have gathered Beth likes to have fun! Entertaining videos hold audiences and we find fun, memorable ways to tell your story. Friends in Edwardsville, greater St. Louis, and beyond, look out for a fresh, fun look at your business through video marketing.

See more samples of our work in our portfolio.

Results of Beth’s Video Production

Marketing,PR,video production,brand, Home, Hammock Communications

Take a look at some of the results of Beth Hammock’s video production:

  • Cottey College saw a 100% increase in conversions after Beth led a redesign of the college’ website that included 13 videos. This meant twice as many leads for student recruiters.
  • The University of Montana Foundation exceeded a campaign goal of $400 million by 13%. Beth produced a campaign video and donor recognition videos while VP of strategic communications and marketing at the foundation. The donor recognition videos led the donors to give more. One gave $5 million more!

Beth is a great communicator with a unique ability to strengthen connections between institutions and their most generous supporters. She’s innovative and always a trusted partner who adds tremendous value to the process of philanthropy.

Jeremy Sauter, University of Montana Foundation Trustee and paramount pictures marketing consultant
Marketing,PR,video production,brand, Home, Hammock Communications
Beth’s Blog

Marketing, Brand Strategy, and PR Advice

Marketing,PR,video production,brand, Home, Hammock Communications

Refresh Your Brand Messaging to Make More Sales

The book New Sales. Simplified by Mike Weinberg inspired me to strengthen Hammock Communications’ brand messaging. “Practice what you preach, Hammock,” I told myself. I outlined our unique qualities in a news release I sent to media and the Edwardsville/Glen Carbon Chamber of Commerce, of which I am a proud new member. Here it is.…

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Marketing,PR,video production,brand, Home, Hammock Communications

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