Video Marketing: 4 Advantages of Adopting an Aggressive Plan

Video marketing is one of the most important marketing tactics of 2021. Beth Hammock, founder and CEO, is passionate about video storytelling and she wants to help business owners succeed with video. “Consider video marketing if you are doing everything you can think of to attract and retain donors, but you’re not getting the resultsContinue reading “Video Marketing: 4 Advantages of Adopting an Aggressive Plan”

2021 Vision to Look Outward

We are two weeks into the year 2021 and I am finished thinking of how to improve myself. Work harder, work smarter, workout more, and so it goes. What’s hot for me right now is being more generous. Generosity is one of my core values. When I am working with nonprofits, I have the pleasureContinue reading “2021 Vision to Look Outward”

Video Content Continues to Grow in Importance

The importance of video for getting your message across increases ever year. From 2019 to 2020, 71% of people watched more video than the year before, according to HubSpot. The majority of marketers say video has the best return on investment. Why? Ninety-five percent of people will remember content with video compared to 10% rememberingContinue reading “Video Content Continues to Grow in Importance”