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Cynthia “Mama J” Johnson inspires future educators at her alma mater, University of Central Missouri. Beth Hammock wrote a feature article about her for the UCM Foundation’s website.

Beth Hammock has been telling stories since she walked into the newsroom at the Missouri School of Journalism. When she’s not at work as a fracitonal CMO, she is blogging about teachers, scientists, engineers and people next door.


Business leaders rely on Beth Hammock for blogging that gets results. Why blog? Prospective customers are more likely to find you when they search on Google or Bing when you’re blogging. You also will become more recognized in your field when you are blogging and building brand loyalty among your current customers. Read more about why to blog on Beth’s Blog.

The process for blogging with Beth’s help goes like this:

  • You work with Beth to choose a topic. She will have ideas if you don’t have any.
  • You give Beth information you have on hand about the topic.
  • Beth researches the topic online, including seeing what your competitors say about it.
  • Beth spends about three hours writing a post of 600 to 1,000 words. This will include best practices for search engine optimization.
  • You review the post, then Beth makes any changes you request.
  • Your team posts the content on your website or Beth will post it if you prefer.

During the course of her 35 year communications career she has written about everything from bioinformatics to spirituality. In her positions at the University of Misosuri, Columbia, University of Missouri-Kansas City, and the University of Montana Foundation she wrote did a lot of copywriting about life sciences, healthecare, veterinary medicine, the arts, and many other topics. Other full-time positions she has held give her expertise writing about:

  • Law. See her latest blog post for the Steele Law Office
  • Horticulture
  • Fundraising
  • Higher education
  • K-12 education
  • Journalism
  • Television news

Website Copywriting

Beth has written the content for many website redesigns. This sounds easy, but you need to be able to visualize how the site will flow, where the pictures will be, and what the viewer wants to find. Plus, writing for search engine optimization (SEO) adds another layer of complexity.

The University of Central Missouri Foundation needed fresh content for its new website. Following instructions from the director of communications, Beth researched and wrote numerous articles including this one about Cynthia “Mama J” Johnson, an alum known for her inspiring story and gift for teaching. She’s pictured above.

Beth has written several college and university websites, or sections of websites, including University of Missouri Advancement, the University of Montana Foundation, and Cottey College’s site.

Fundraising Campaign Communications

Beth Hammock supports fund development with exceptional campaign communications. When you are planning a campaign contact her to get started on the collateral that will set you up for success. She will follow these steps to develop your campaign communications.

copywriting,blogging, Writing, Hammock Marketing + Communications


We familiarize ourselves with your brand, past campaigns, and your case for support. This sometimes means researching studies on how your campaign will impact your constituents. For example, Beth Hammock gathered information on why stand-alone centers for minority students are beneficial. This data had been missing from a case statement for an indigenous student center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

copywriting,blogging, Writing, Hammock Marketing + Communications


Taking what we learned in the research phase, and acknowledging what has worked for other organizations, we craft a campaign communications plan that is within your budget and will get you to your goal. Your volunteers provide invaluable input throughout the process. Working as a team with your staff, we analyze the information. In the end, we gain consensus on the best way to move forward to inspire and motivate your audience.

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Campaign communications comes in many forms – from events to social media marketing. Our plan will include them all. The core pieces will be your case statement and campaign video. The case statement describes your campaign priorities, naming opportunities, and the impact of giving to your organization. You may choose to forgo a printed leave-behind and instead have your case statement online and on tablets for your development team to show to prospects on visit.

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Communications is a moving target today. As your partner, we are ready to change our aim on a dime. We continuously evaluate the success of your campaign communications plan. Digital marketing is easy to evalute. You will see how many people who visit your landing page make a gift; how many donors open your emails; and who sees your social media posts. If you’re not getting the results you desire we make changes. We also track who attends your events and what they do afterward.

Copywriting and Editing for Publications

Trained as a journalist, Beth Hammock makes creating publications a breeze. She has served as editor of donor newsletters at the Universtiy of Missouri- Columbia,the University of Montana Foundation, and the UMKC Honors College. She was editor of Daily Word magazine from 2014 to 2015. Her focus on storytelling sets her writing apart.

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Copywriting Columns for CEOs

Beth Hammock wrote this column about racism for Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois CEO Loretta Graham after the George Floyd murder in 2020. Media outlets across St. Louis and Southern Illinois ran the column and Graham was interviewed on radio and TV.

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Finding the best message for communicating important information clearly and effectively is both an art and a science.

Leaders of universities, colleges and nonprofits trust Beth Hammock to draft remarks for development events from galas to gift announcements. She’s also written speeches for Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon and for herself when she speaks to professional groups and as a lay minister. Read an example of a speech written by Beth here.

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Beth strengthened her spiritual writing as editor of Daily Word magazine and host of the podcast Daily Word Alive.
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  • copywriting,blogging, Writing, Hammock Marketing + Communications
  • copywriting,blogging, Writing, Hammock Marketing + Communications
  • copywriting,blogging, Writing, Hammock Marketing + Communications

The magazine article above features Amy Eckhoff, an architect who graduated from Cottey College, where Beth Hammock was executive director of marketing and communications. Eckhoff designed a renovation project for which the college was raising money. In addition to this print piece, Beth interviewed her on video and the college ran the video online.

copywriting,blogging, Writing, Hammock Marketing + Communications
This anthology is filled with inspiring stories from women entrepreneurs, including Beth Hammock. Contact Beth to purchase a copy.

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