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Beth Hammock,brand strategy,video production,digital marketing, About, Hammock Marketing + Communications

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Beth Hammock,brand strategy,video production,digital marketing, About, Hammock Marketing + Communications

Beth Hammock’s marketing and communications career is filled with celebrations of mind-blowing results. Her most memorable one – planning the announcement of the University of Missouri raising a billion dollars in donations. She had led development communications for the second phase of the For All We Call Mizzou campaign which meant engaging alumni across the country through digital marketing and a strong brand strategy.

From there, Beth moved into an executive role at the University of Montana Foundation where she was vice president, strategic communications and marketing from 2010 to 2014. She led campaign communications, direct mail, telemarketing, and digital marketing. She also had a special assignment for 18 months as special assistant to the university president for brand strategy. The University of Montana adopted a new messaging platform, logo, and tagline at the conclusion of the brand strategy project. The foundation earned the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education’s annual award for Overall Fundraising Improvement in 2014, Beth’s final year with the organization.

Beth Hammock has told digital stories for 35 years. She started her career as a TV news producer and reporter. She spent most of her TV career at WDAF-TV in Kansas City, where she worked for eight years.

In 1996, she had twins and her family grew to four children. She then started working in marketing communications and quickly learned she enjoyed brand strategy and digital marketing more than reporting on the day’s news, and her next career took off.

Results of Beth’s Marketing Communications Leadership

Beth Hammock,brand strategy,video production,digital marketing, About, Hammock Marketing + Communications
  • 150% increase in annual productivity in 4 years at the University of Montana Foundation
  • Direct mail appeal netted 17% over goal at the Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois
  • Completed redesign of the Cottey College website in 100 days; the number of views doubled and leads from prospective students doubled in 90 days because of SEO improvements.
  • Membership increased 25% in one quarter at Powell Gardens after implementing search engine marketing

The History of Hammock Marketing + Communications

Since starting Hammock Marketing + Communications in 2013, Beth Hammock has advised leaders and created content for organizations from Alaska to Belgium. She has produced videos, managed digital marketing, created publications, and led fundraising campaigns.

Full-Time Roles

Beth has held several full-time positions in the years since she founded Hammock Communications.

Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois

Chief Advancement and Communications Officer, 2020
  • Planned and executed a virtual benefit netting $50,000 four months after starting in the position
  • Wrote a successful $164,000 grant
  • Managed an annual giving appeal that brought in 17% more than goal
  • Improved storytelling and design of marketing communications

Cottey College

Executive Director of Marketing & Communications, 2019

Beth served as chief communications and marketing officer for Cottey College, an independent women’s college. The college had just adopted a new brand strategy and Beth was charged with implementing it in everything from the website to signage to athletic gear.

Unity World Headquarters

Daily Word Magazine Editor, 2014-2015

Beth was editor of Daily Word, a magazine published by Unity with an international circulation of 350,000. She led a team of writers, designers and assistant editors in creating the inspirational magazine.

She also wrote articles for the magazine, started a podcast “Daily Word Alive” and blogged. Beth wove her development experience into her work by traveling to meet with readers who were prospects.

Beth Hammock,brand strategy,video production,digital marketing, About, Hammock Marketing + Communications

University of Montana Foundation

Vice President, Strategic Communications and Marketing, 2010-2014

Special Assistant to the President for Brand Strategy, 2011-2012

Beth was part of an executive team that led a 150% increase in annual productivity in four years. The foundation raised $20 million in 2010 and $50 million in 2014.

Beth Hammock’s clients have included

Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine

Beverly Vote, publisher of Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine, has a vision of an end to breast cancer in the world. We produced a video of breast cancer survivors who join her vision asking for prayers from people everywhere.

University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) Honors College

The UMKC Honors College contracted with Hammock Marketing + Communications for advancement services for the new college. Beth served as a development officer and led marketing communications for the college. During her time in the position she produced testimonial videos for the college’s social media along with many other communications pieces. Student enrollment increased 50% in one year.

Above: Images from the UMKC Honors College’s collateral created by Hammock Marketing + Communications

Beth Hammock has done excellent work as a development and outreach consultant for my organization. I am particularly impressed by her ability to be creative and adaptive to changing market conditions and an evolving management situation while being highly attentive to the interests of our clients and benefactors.

The results of her work speak for themselves: we have been highly successful in building our network of potential donors through direct mail and social media outreach while also successfully marketing our program to an ever more extensive and diverse population of potential students. Equally important, Beth communicates well with the rest of my management team, keeping everyone informed and multiple projects on track.

–James McKusick, Professor of English and former Honors College Dean at UMKC
University of Alaska-Fairbanks

Beth worked with the University of Alaska-Fairbanks to better communicate its fundraising messages. She also led a workshop on integrated advancement and was appointed to a committee charged with cutting the university’s marketing communications budget by 25%.

“I highly recommend Beth and Hammock Communications to anyone seeking strategic communications, marketing and public relations counsel. Beth is a pleasure to work with. Her insight and creativity have helped our organization tremendously.

–Michelle Renfrew, APR, Director, University Relations, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Other Valued Partners
  • Steele Law Office – blog writing
  • Kendall Vickers, candidate – social media
  • Deloitte Belgium – writing
  • Luciad (now part of Hexagon Geospatial) – writing
  • Blue Ridge Services, an engineering firm – editing
  • SPS Publications – editing
  • Davis Creative – editing
  • International Brotherhood of Magicians – editing
  • Book authors Kathy Schulte, Cal Thompson and Andrea Hofman – copy editing
  • Soul Seat – brand strategy and development and marketing communications
  • UMKC Foundation – copywriting and grant writing
  • UMKC Honors College – development and marketing communications strategy and content creation
  • Girls in the Know – marketing communications strategy and content creation
  • University of Central Missouri – writing
  • WCC Roofing – video production
  • Paradiso and Rasamayi – social media, writing, event planning, and development of an ecommerce site
  • Avital Miller – booking agent
  • Rev. Coach Carla – writing

She was a member of the president’s cabinet and managed two staff plus two agencies and contracted workers. As media relations director, she secured a story in the New York Times and two TV stories, an unusual feat for a college in a small market.

The Early Years of Beth’s Career

University of Missouri, Columbia

Director of Development Communications, 2005-2010

Mizzou achieved its first billion-dollar campaign goal while Beth served as director of development communications. She wrote the chancellor’s speeches for development events, planned events across the country and led creation of the chancellor’s annual report and marketing communications materials for donors.

After earning a Bachelor of Journalism in Radio/TV at the University of Missouri, Beth worked as a TV news reporter, assignment editor and producer at four TV stations. This included eight years at WDAF-TV in Kansas City, where she produced the 5 p.m., 6 p.m., noon and weekend news during her time there. She also was a field producer for Kansas City Chiefs coverage when the team was on the road to the playoffs. Beth produced a documentary on the stations’ 40th anniversary that was nominated for an Emmy.

Beth left the TV business after the birth of twin sons which expanded her family to four children. When the twins were almost three, she got an offer to manage public relations for the Kansas City School District, a troubled urban district. She accepted and quickly got a crash course in crisis communications. She held two other PR positions before moving into higher education development in 2005:

  • Independence (Mo.) School District, Director of Community Relations, 2001-2003
  • Missouri Office of the Attorney General, Director of Communications, 2003-2005

Her combination of roles gave her expertise in law, K-12 education, higher education, technology, science, museums, youth development and more.

Beth Hammock,brand strategy,video production,digital marketing, About, Hammock Marketing + Communications
Beth’s Office Buddy

Abby keeps us in line, making sure we take breaks to play fetch and go for walks. Abby and Beth have traveled and hiked together since spring 2014!

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