5 Virtual Super Bowl Party Ideas

Keep Your Family and Friends Safe

super bowl party,super bowl party food,super bowl parties, 5 Virtual Super Bowl Party Ideas, Hammock Marketing + Communications
super bowl party,super bowl party food,super bowl parties, 5 Virtual Super Bowl Party Ideas, Hammock Marketing + Communications

The news is full of warnings about the danger of having an in-person Super Bowl party this year. Dr. Fauci says you should party only with the people in your household. That’s tough, especially if you’re a Chiefs fan, like me, or a Buccaneers fan, rooting for the old GOAT Tom Brady.

I worry about everyone partying together when they could watch the game at home. We’re all ready for the pandemic to be over and parties do not help. What if one of your friends or family members dies because they went to your party? Enough said.

This post covers

  • Ideas to jazz up your virtual Super Bowl party
  • Warm weather party ideas
  • Planning your next virtual party

My family is having a virtual tailgate party before the game. I woke up this morning with a barrage of ideas on how to make it fun.

  • Have a chili cookoff. I have a unique chili recipe–Cashew Chili. It’s vegetarian and has raisins and cashews in it. Delicious. My thought is to describe the chili and be dramatic in my tasting of it. Others will do the same with their chilis. We will share our recipes with whoever wants them. I’m in the St. Louis area and Sunday is supposed to be very cold. If you’re in Tampa or somewhere else choose a different food. Kansas City is known for barbecuing for tailgate parties. The parking lot has a big cloud of barbecue smoke over it at games. It’s amazing. Barbecuing was definitely my first thought, and my dog Abby could be my judge, but I’m not doing it when it’s 10 degrees.
  • Do some beer tasting. Everyone buys the same beer and tastes together. If you live where they sell Boulevard beer, Kansas City’s local beer, I recommend going with that. They have variety packs with lots of interesting brews. You also could have a drinking game during the game. That’s not my area of expertise but I’m sure you can figure it out.
  • Compete in a trivia contest. Ours will be about Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce. I will research and write the questions so sit out playing. A gift card prize is in order.
  • And of course you need a spirit wear contest. If you’re a Chiefs fan, how creative can you get with Patrick Mahomes wear? His fan gear website is worth a look for its creativity. This contest can be judged in a legit way in an online poll.

Who is the biggest fan at you virtual party? Ask them to give a pep talk. Do you have cheerleaders, young or teen, in your household? Ask them to lead cheers or find some other enthusiastic guests to lead chants. The Chiefs fans do the Tomahawk Chop any chance they get and someone surely will lead it at your virtual Super Bowl party.

How about making a playlist of songs typically played at football games. Sweet Caroline came on the radio the other day and my mind drifted off to football games.

Hosting a Super Bowl Party in a Warm Locale

Take it outside, friends! You can move your TV to your patio and host your Super Bowl party there. Get that Florida feel going even if you’re a Chiefs fan.

When I worked at the University of Missouri, we had big tailgate parties under tents before all the games. The coach, chancellor and alumni association president would speak. And the cheerleaders and band would perform. You don’t want to go this big for a home party, but you can take some ideas for your Super Bowl party.

Have you watch a game from your pool with snacks on the deck? You can be virtual with your family and friends from out there.

Serve light food and drinks. Lots of fruit and vegetables and perhaps a shish-kebab with chicken on the grill.

The teams make t-shirts so don yours and have fun!

Planning Your Next Virtual Event

We’re available to help with your next virtual party – be it personal or business. The virtual benefit Beth Hammock planned for Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois last summer raised 83% of the goal for the original in-person gala. With hard work and creativity, these events keep your business’s or organization’s momentum going. Constituents are engaged and you’re helping them have some fun in these unusual times.

We’ve heard people are tired of virtual happy hours. How about a virtual hike-a-thon, dog walk-a-thon, or other outdoor activity? Make it match your mission and people will jump on the chance to get involved. Give us a call for a complementary consultation at (314) 896-4341.

Do you have more ideas for virtual Super Bowl parties? Let’s here them!

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