3 Best Reasons Why to Blog in 2021

How to Make it Worth Your Time

If you’re on the fence about investing your time in blogging, these reasons why to blog may help get you off the fence. Blogging attracts new leads, increases customer loyalty, and strengthens your reputation as a leader in your field. This is still true in today’s era of vlogging and podcasting. In fact, research by Databox found “68% of marketers find blogging is more effective than they did two years ago.”

Reason 1: Get More Website Traffic and Higher Rankings

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the top way to create a consistent flow of visitors to your site over the long haul and blog posts are perfect for improving your SEO. Blogging also influences how you show up on search engine results pages. That’s because Google and Bing favor websites with current content. Blogging also boosts your rankings and SEO because your keywords help the search engines know about your content.

Inbound marketing

Ensuring prospects find you is critical because inbound marketing has a 14.6% close rate compared to outbound marketing, which has a 1.7% close rate, according to optinmonster. . Inbound leads come in through searches while outbound tactics like direct mail and advertisements push content to consumers.

How do blog posts improve SEO? Each post includes keywords – the words or phrases for which you want to rank and be found. Before starting your post, think about questions people may ask about your products or services then test them on Google Trends.

My goal for this post is to draw attention to my blog writing services. On Google Trends, I learned the word “blog” is much more popular than “blogging,” and people near me don’t search for “blog writing services.” The keyword “why to blog” is pretty popular and more specific than “blog” so I went with that. You will see the phrase “why to blog” throughout the post. That’s for SEO.

Reason 2: Build Brand Loyalty

Another reason why blogging is to keep customers coming back to read your useful, memorable content. Consider this: 77% of internet users read blogs, according to optinmonster. Your blog is the perfect place to put your content. Make sure to drive to it with an email newsletter and social media posts.

Trust-building content requires a keen eye for stories and great writing. Potential post topics include

  • a customer who used your product in an amazing way as a lead-in to an overview of the product
  • your R&D team’s latest discovery
  • your business’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

Avoid content that will bore your reader or turn them off. Neal Schaffer has great advice on to-dos and don’ts of blog content. He also advises everyone to take the time to write quality posts. Ideally, your posts will start conversations with your customers and prospects.

Reason 3: Boost Your Reputation

The third reason why blogging is to boost your reputation. Professional associates, prospective customers, and current customers all want to learn from you. While you can’t talk to everyone personally, you can share your knowledge online. Your reputation will be enhanced and so will your business’s.

When you write consistently and with authority, new leads will pour in and your profits will increase. You may receive invitations to speak at conferences and write articles for trade journals because organizers and editors saw your blog. The media also may find you online and request an interview.

Creative writing is key. Jithendar Dharmapuri, founder of TechLurn, told Forbes, “The trick is to combine both expertise and opinion. For example, my passion is blogging – I love creating written content. But my profession is an IT engineer.” Dharmapuri advises writing “engaging content that caters to your audience.”

Then Why Aren’t You Blogging?

Sure, you understand the reasons why blogging. But you’re busy. So busy. I get it. I’m a writer and I don’t blog as much as I want to. Tell me if you identify with these obstacles to blogging on top of no time.

  • Don’t know what to write about
  • Don’t think you’re a good writer
  • Hate to write
  • You never read blog posts
  • Tried it and it didn’t help my business

I understand your pain. Relax, because for every problem there are multiple solutions. Can someone on your team write for you or your business? Optinmonster says 64% of B2B marketers outsource their blog writing. Have you considered doing that? If you decide hiring a freelancer is best for you, give me a call. Your initial consultation is free of charge.

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